Unique Product Features

  • Large selection of finishes

    Exotic woods, carbon fiber, graphic finishes, solid colors, real tree camouflage and more.

  • Factory symbol printing

    Reprint factory symbols for a true factory appearance

  • Illum-a-view

    Allow for the illuminated symbols to shine through for a true factory appearance.

  • Custom brand badges

    Using the same technology to print factory symbols, we can add a custom logo to almost and appliques.

  • S-Tec “Insert Technology”

    Exclusive feature that combines any standard material with a chrome insert to create a new, exciting look.

  • “Ultra Flex” clear coat

    Lasts up to 10 times longer against harmful UV exposure and makes installation easy.

  • Tape

    Futures 3m™ acrylic foam tape provides maximum adhesion and at extreme temperatures.


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