Installation Instructions

Surface Cleaning and Preparation

Clean the specific dash areas that are to be covered by the trim thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol. The surface area should be free of lint, dirt and oil and more specifically, silicone-based “vinyl treatment products”.


Vehicles that have been treated with vinyl treatments need to be thoroughly cleaned until the surface area is free of contaminates.

Test Surface Cleanliness Prior to Installation

To test that the surface is free of contaminates, use a piece of masking tape and apply it to any of the cleaned surfaces. Remove the tape slowly. If there is little or no resistance, re-clean the surface and re-test with masking tape until the tape comes off with resistance.


  • Remove part from 3M tape liner.
  • Align with factory part and very lightly tack overlay once it is aligned properly.
  • Press firmly into place.

Care and Cleaning
Wipe with a clean damp cloth.

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