Quality Focus


Sherwood Innovations has been serving the OEM industry for over 30 years, designing and manufacturing superior quality interior and exterior finishes for automobiles.

Pioneering and perfecting the interior dash application, we offer 3D molded as well as flat dash designs. With a continually growing selection of car makes and models, we are proud to offer the largest selection of quality dash finishes in the industry including genuine woods, real carbon fibers, simulated graphics and factory matches. Additional products offered include consoles, door sills, pillar posts, steering wheels, chrome grills, chrome accents and custom brand badges.

At Sherwood, quality is a value we hold close to all that we do. From our manufacturing process to our selection of employees to the level of design in each of our products, our customers can rely on our strict demands for excellence. Adhering to globally recognized quality system compliance,

Sherwood Innovations is also able to serve its clients globally with experience and expertise crossing several borders.

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